EA: 1 hour | RP: 1 hour

Managing Multimorbidity 2023 – Primum Non Nocere (Recorded webinar)

This 1-hour case-based, on-demand webinar discusses practical and thought-provoking strategies on how to manage patients with complex comorbidities and possible diagnoses.

Free interprofessional course

COMPASS – Generalised pustular psoriasis

Learn about the clinical presentation, clinical course and clinicopathologic considerations in diagnosing and available treatment options for GPP.

Free interprofessional course

COMPASS – Neutrophilic dermatoses: an overview

How much do you know about neutrophilic dermatoses? Learn to differentiate these autoinflammatory skin disorders with this course for a quick overview.

PARTNER. Psoriatic Arthritis Symposium HIGHLIGHT REEL

Choose to view, short, selected highlights from the PARTNER Symposium, where rheumatologists and dermatologists met to discuss challenges and new practices in managing psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

Free interprofessional module

PARTNER: Working Together to Diagnose and Manage Psoriatic Arthritis.

Dermatologist and rheumatologist experts answer all your questions about psoriatic arthritis at the recorded PARTNER Symposium


On the Move with Haemophilia

An online educational resource aimed at parents, teachers and coaches about supporting young people with haemophilia to participate in sport and exercise.