Free interprofessional course

COMPASS: COordinating care and iMproving outcomes in PAtients with pustular pSoriaSis

How much do you know about neutrophilic dermatoses? Learn to differentiate these autoinflammatory skin disorders with this course for a quick overview.

Managing Multimorbidity Webinar Series (Live Webinar)

This webinar series will cover different multimorbidity care models, navigating guidelines, patient priorities and goals, individualised management, interviewing hacks, polypharmacy using four common patient profiles.

RACGP: 2 CPD pts | ACRRM: 1 hour | RNZCGP: 1 CME credit

Managing Multimorbidity – Multimorbidity and increased risk of cognitive decline (Recorded webinar)

The second of the webinar series "Multimorbidity and increased risk of cognitive decline" uses a case of a patient very common in general practice to discuss the important issues to address and prioritise during the consultation. Patient-clinician communication and system issues are also covered.

RACGP: 2 CPD pts | ACRRM: 1 hour | RNZCGP: 1 CME credit

Managing Multimorbidity – Diabetes and setting priorities among comorbidities (Recorded webinar)

Multimorbidity is common in Australia and New Zealand, with around 5 million and 3.5 million, respectively, individuals having two or more common chronic conditions. With increasing life expectancy, multimorbidity is becoming a major concern in primary care.

RACGP: 2 CPD pts | ACRRM: 1 hour | ACN: 1 hour

What works and what doesn’t in smoking cessation. Patients and Experts tell all! (Recorded webinar)

GPs, nurses and pharmacists are invited to learn from both experts and ex-smokers in this free, 1-hour, accredited live webinar. Topics include: How experts prescribe nicotine replacement therapy including considerations during pregnancy, Medication myths and troubleshooting treatments.

RACGP: 2 CPD pts | ACRRM: 1 hour

PARTNER: Psoriatic Arthritis and other Comorbidities in Patients with Psoriasis

Listen to real patients tell their stories. Learn about screening for psoriatic arthritis, other common comorbidities and how to monitor patients on biologics in this interactive e-module.

RACGP: 2 CPD pts | ACRRM: 1 hour

IMPACT: Improving Outcomes in Adults with Atopic Dermatitis

Many children with eczema continue to have eczema into adulthood. One study in 2014  followed over 7000 children with eczema and found 80% had symptoms into adulthood. This online module walks through the case of a young adult woman with eczema.

RACGP: 3 CPD pts | ACRRM: 2 hours

Recorded Webinar. IMPACT: Improving Outcomes in Atopic Dermatitis

Watch the panel present a live case, and learn what the barriers were to getting Amira’s eczema under control and how they were overcome.

PARTNER. Psoriatic Arthritis Symposium HIGHLIGHT REEL

Choose to view, short, selected highlights from the PARTNER Symposium, where rheumatologists and dermatologists met to discuss challenges and new practices in managing psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

Free interprofessional module

PARTNER: Working Together to Diagnose and Manage Psoriatic Arthritis.

Dermatologist and rheumatologist experts answer all your questions about psoriatic arthritis at the recorded PARTNER Symposium


On the Move with Haemophilia

An online educational resource aimed at parents, teachers and coaches about supporting young people with haemophilia to participate in sport and exercise.